Jimu Robot BuilderBots Kit

Jimu Robot BuilderBots Kit

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  • LED Light: The programmable LED light allows you to express emotions and play in the dark.
  • IR Sensor: It allows your robot to detect objects to pick up, or move around them.
  • Treads: Add treads to any robot and program it to move around using the Jimu Robot App.
  • Build Your Robot: Follow the easy step-by-step 3D, 360° instructions found on the Jimu App.
  • Program Actions: Programming new actions is easy to do with our PRP (Pose Record, Play) system.
  • Code Sequences: Create simple to complex sequences with Blockly coding.
The BuilderBots Kit is as much fun to build as it is to code. Plus, it’s a great introduction to STEM learning. The kit includes everything you need to build GrabberBot, DigBot, or use your imagination to invent your own. It includes treads to move with, and an infrared sensor to detect objects to pick up or move around them. It also includes an LED light that lets you program emotions and play in the dark.

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