Jimu Robot BuilderBots Kit

    LED Light: The programmable LED light allows you to express emotions and play in the dark. IR Sensor: It allows your robot to detect objects to pick up, or move around them. Treads: Add treads to any robot and program it to move around using the...

  • Learning Resources

    Let's Go Code! Activity Set (2835)

    Children will have fun while building gross motor skills by stepping, hopping and turning. This set introduces children to early coding and programming ideas without electronics. The full-color guide includes sample mazes and coding overview. Mats...

  • The Learning Journey

    Match It! - Mathematics (288528)

    Learning numbers and basic math has never been this much fun. This colorful set of math puzzle cards provides children an excellent introduction to number recognition, counting and basic addition and subtraction. The 30 puzzle cards feature 10 cards of...

  • The Learning Journey

    Match It! - Shape Shuffle (234877)

    Children of all ages will find Shape Shuffle fascinating as they create puzzles and designs from geometric shapes. The game offers many ways of learning about shapes, patterns, fractions, sizes and colors. Children will strengthen their problem solving,...

  • Learning Resources

    Primary Bucket Balance (LER1521)

    • Explore basic measurement concepts. This balance is perfect for measuring, exploring volume, and comparing solids and liquids. Calibrated clear buckets with removable lids hold solids or up to 400 ml of liquid and allow students to see what they...

  • Learning Resources

    Primary Science Sensory Tubes (2445)

    Develop their senses and encourage science exploration with this set of 4 sturdy, clear tubes. Tubes feature dual openings. Vented lids let children explore their sense of smell or secure small creatures for observation. Lids twist on and off. Solid lids...

  • Be Amazing Toys

    Sick! Science Fizz Boom (6205)

    Learn the science behind the carbon dioxide gas with the Sick Science Fizz Boom Kit from Be Amazing Toys. Designed for ages 6 years and older, this kit includes fizzing tablet (solid fuel) that releases carbon dioxide gas when added to water. A fun S.T.E...

  • Be Amazing Toys

    Sick! Science Snot Science (6215)

    Learn the science behind ooey, gooey snot with the Sick Science Snot Science Kit from Be Amazing Toys. Designed for ages 6 years and older, this kit includes powder that when mixed with water create slimy goo snot worthy polymer. A fun S.T.E.M. learning...

  • Be Amazing Toys

    Sick! Science Terror Twister (6225)

    Learn the science behind tornadoes and twisters with the Sick Science Terror Twister Kit from Be Amazing Toys. Designed for ages 6 years and older, this kit teaches children how items can move in a tornado simple by creating your own using plastic soda...

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