• The Learning Journey

    Grab It! Spelling Bee (115558)

    Kids will love learning new words with this action-packed game. With the colorful bee theme cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match the letter to the word. Simply launch the letter discs from the dispenser and when your letter comes...

  • The Learning Journey

    Match It! 4 Letter Words (117354)

    Learning to Spell becomes fun and easy with Match It! 4 Letter Words! These colorful four letter puzzle card sets provide children with a great introduction to spelling and will help to expand their vocabulary. They will learn to spell by associating the...

  • The Learning Journey

    Match It! Bingo - Picture Word (237113)

    Picture Word Bingo is designed to assist young children with object and word recognition and is perfect for beginning readers. By matching the picture word cards on the playing boards, children will enjoy valuable learning experiences in a fun and easy...

  • The Learning Journey

    Match It! Memory - Spelling (690635)

    Match It! Spelling Memory is a fun memory game that will challenge problem solving and develop memory skills of young children as they try to find a pair of matching cards. Bright, colorful illustrations teach children spelling and letter recognition. A...

  • The Learning Journey

    Match It! Words (648100)

    Match It! Words teaches words in an interactive fun way. Each card has two pieces—a picture of an object with its beginning sound and the word ending. By simply matching the object card with the proper word ending, children will learn to recognize...

  • Melissa and Doug

    Wooden ABC/123 Blocks (1900)

    Hours of timeless block play await your toddler! This wonderful set of 50 traditionally styled one inch cube blocks features charming hand-painted artwork. Solid wood blocks with a colorful collection of pictures, letters and numbers encourage matching,...

  • Teacher Created Resources

    Word Shark: Short Vowels Game (TCR7805)

    The fun begins when each player chooses a Word Shark mat. Player 1 draws a consonant tile from the pile and tries to add it to a word ending on his or her mat to make a word. If the letter cannot be used to spell a word, it is returned to the pile. Then...

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