Early Learning

  • Didax Educational Resources

    Addition Facts in 7 Days (2-5292)

    Addition Facts in 7 Days has easy-to-use resources that will help students to quickly master basic addition facts, using an amazingly simple, proven method developed by the author through years of research and classroom instruction. Each day, students...

  • Nature's Workshop

    Blue Litmus Paper (P37012)

    This lab contains all the necessary items to complete Exploring Creation with Chemistry's experiments. The first three items listed are necessary, but if they are already owned, household substitutes are given for the other materials. However, this kit...

  • Trend Enterprises

    Colors & Shapes Bingo Game (T-6061)

    Kids can't get enough of this TREND original! A favorite of children, parents, and teachers since 1969, TREND Bingo turns skill practice into a game. Kids have so much fun, they don't even realize how much they're learning. The game's unique 6-way format...

  • The Learning Journey

    Discovery Cards - Out & About (757765)

    Discovery Cards - Out & About Little scholars will learn all about things outdoors with these handy Out & About Discovery Cards that give skill-building practice at just the right level. This double sided card set features 26 double sided cards...

  • Teacher Created Resources

    Foam Alphabet Dice (TCR20704)

    Help build letter and sound recognition skills with this set of lowercase alphabet dice. The dice are soft and quiet and feature 78 consonants on red dice and 42 vowels on blue dice. Includes 20 dice plus teacher's tips with suggested activities. Each...

  • The Learning Journey

    Grab It! Mathematics Lab (114667)

    Mastering simple mathematic equations will be more fun than ever. With fun science lab cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match the answer to the equation. The Math lab playing cards display simple math equations. Players need to GRAB...

  • The Learning Journey

    Grab It! Spelling Bee (115558)

    Kids will love learning new words with this action-packed game. With the colorful bee theme cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match the letter to the word. Simply launch the letter discs from the dispenser and when your letter comes...

  • Didax Educational Resources

    Helping Children Deal with Bullying (211100)

    In this concise book, teachers and administrators will learn how to create a culture that does not tolerate bullying. The book is divided into five sections addressing the whole school, an individual classroom, the bully, the victim, as well as advice...

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